CAPTAIN AMERICA 4 – Marvel Cinematic Universe

CAPTAIN AMERICA 4 – Marvel Cinematic Universe; Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson/ Captain America will no doubt be the focus of the fourth Captain America film, having taken up the mantle in The Falcon and the Winter will continue with Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) as Cap and how he fulfills the role in a world still recovering from the Blip.


Perhaps it will also address his connection to the Avengers (or what’s left of them). But as the film is presumably the furthest from release, a lot of other stories will occur before it hits theaters. To put it in context, all of the Disney+ series announced to date – and all of the characters introduced within them – will have aired.

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Add Blade and the Fantastic Four to the roster, and you have a substantially different set of heroes from the ones active during Sam’s previous big-screen adventure. The shows’ villains might factor as well, including Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter/ Power Broker who’s now back at her old US government job, and Wyatt Russell’s morally dubious John Walker/ US Agent who works for Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ mysterious Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

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