“Saturday Night Live” this weekend will be hosted by Pedro Pascal, star of “The Last Of Us”

We are merely residing in Pedro Pascal’s reality. Pedro Pascal, star of The Last of Us, will headline Saturday Night Live this week instead of trudging through post-apocalyptic America with Bella Ramsey.

This weekend, the veteran performer who stole Game of Thrones season four as Oberyn Martell, the man who was fantastic as DEA agent Javier Pea in Narcos, the man who plays bounty hunter Din Djarin and looks after The Child in The Mandalorian, and last but not least, the actor who currently plays tough survivor Joel in HBO’s The Last Of Us, the best new TV show, will host Saturday Night Live for the first time. Cold Play, who it turns out isn’t appearing on the show for the first time, will be joining him.

Pedro Pascal Saturday Night Live Weekend
Pedro Pascal Saturday Night Live Weekend

Pedro Pascal Saturday Night Live Weekend

In a preview for the forthcoming program, SNL featured Pascal as the host, replacing Michael B. Jordan from the previous weekend. The Last of Us, a zombie drama, and The Mandalorian, a Star Wars spinoff, both of which he presently stars in, how much fun will the SNL writers have with that fact? Kyle Mooney, a former cast member of Saturday Night Live, is rumored to be making a comeback to reprise his hilarious portrayal of Baby Yoda. And what havoc could they possibly cause with the zombie-inducing fungus outbreak from The Last Of Us?

On Saturday Night Live, Michael B. Jordan, the hero of Creed III, is followed by Pascal, who is a really literal heavy hitter. Along with Aubrey Plaza, they are the third in a row of brand-new hosts to start the year for the venerable sketch comedy series. SNL is currently airing its 48th season.

On Saturday, February 4 at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT on NBC, watch Pascal make his SNL debut while Peacock streams the event live. On the streamer, all prior episodes are also accessible. View the latest promotion

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