The Last of Us Episode 4 Review: Please Hold to My Hand

The Last of Us Episode 4 Review: Joel and Ellie travel to Kansas City, where they run with Melanie Lynskey, who is quite angry.

The fourth episode of last of us, “Please Hold My Hand,” which follows the game’s game-changing “Long Long Time,” refocuses on Joel and Ellie’s westward journey and introduces a new character who could lead the show’s plot to diverge from the game’s in other exciting ways.

There are spoilers for the 4th episode of The Last of Us below. Now look away if you haven’t caught up!

The Last of Us Episode 4 Review February 5, 2023

The episode opening with Ellie pointing her surreptitiously-procured handgun at a mirror in an abandoned gas station is a poignant juxtaposition that sets the tone for what transpires later on. Her pose says “Taxi Driver,” but her mouth says, “Pew pew,” which tells us everything we need to know. She’s a tough kid…but she’s still a kid.

The sad contrast of Ellie commencing the episode by aiming her covertly acquired weapon into a mirror in an abandoned gas station sets the tone for what happens later. Her posture clearly indicates that she is a taxi driver, but the sound coming from her mouth.

Throughout the whole programme, this dichotomy is presented. The pistol serves as a unifying symbol in this scene, standing for the cruelty and bloodshed that Joel appears to be trying to shield or at the very least prepare Ellie for. Ellie’s joke book is the other item that serves as a metaphorical through line. It emphasises how much Joel likes Ellie and how he is starting to care about her instead of just treating her as “freight.”

The episode’s second major issue, besides Joel and Ellie getting closer, is the appearance of a new group of survivors who are just as deadly as the fungus people, if not more so. Tess’ final stand in the game was altered in episode 2 to incorporate infected rather than troops. Looking back, it appears that this alteration was made in part to preserve the sincere introduction of non-infected opponents for episode 4.

  • The Last of Us Episode 4 Review
  • The Last of Us Episode 4 Review
  • The Last of Us Episode 4 Review

A homage to a notable incident from the PlayStation classic occurs when Joel and Ellie are attacked in Kansas City (which is altered from Pittsburgh in the game) and smash their truck into a laundry, but what happens next is entirely new. Joel is saved by Ellie’s sneaked pistol, and instead of berating her for lying, he just demands that she hand it up. Later, he shows her the appropriate way to handle it. Particularly in these passages, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey give subtle performances that enable their facial expressions, body language, and behaviour to convey the tale.

Then we meet Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), the head of a fierce rebel party that has ostensibly taken the city away from FEDRA. Lynskey does a terrific job of portraying her character as fierce and violent but still allowing just enough of her humanity to shine through. She is after Henry, Sam, Joel, and Ellie, and when she mercilessly kills the doctor who practically gave birth to her, we know she will definitely do far worse things to Henry for betraying her late brother to FEDRA.

It’s encouraging to see that Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have the courage to add a completely new character, Kathleen, to the original plot. It would be intriguing to observe whether the brothers’ individual destinies differ from those of their video game equivalents because she has been so involved with Henry from the beginning. Although Bill and Frank’s and Kathleen’s group’s advances haven’t been nearly as interesting to the plot so far, there’s still time to see how Kathleen affects the course of events.

The gurgling sinkhole that Kathleen and her right-hand man Perry (Jeffrey Pierce) discover in the storage closet of the abandoned building Henry and Sam have been hiding out in is one foreboding harbinger of things to come. It’s obvious from the expressions on their faces that a significant problem is literally boiling to the surface, and Kathleen’s choice to keep it a secret until they find a solution to their Henry dilemma will certainly come back to bite them.

The episode’s last seconds provide some background information about Joel and Ellie. In the years following the breakout, Joel almost admits that he has killed innocent people in order to live, and he says that he doesn’t want that for Ellie. The most sympathetic and fatherly thing he’s ever said to her is a mumbled, “It isn’t fair, at your age, having to cope with all of this.” She declines to discuss it when he remembers her saying she’s wounded people herself.

It takes a lot of planning for the programme to construct Joel and Ellie’s relationship fragile brick by brittle brick. They seem to be getting closer, but you know that they are both plagued by memories of the past that they will never be able to escape. An exciting fifth episode looks to be in the works after Henry and Sam placed guns to their heads to finish the last one. Kathleen and her group have also been added to the mix.

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Is Last of Us available on PC?

The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II are not currently available on PC, but both games are available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. There have been no official announcements from Naughty Dog or Sony Interactive Entertainment about the release of The Last of Us or The Last of Us Part II on PC. However, some rumors and speculations have been circulating about the possibility of a PC release in the future. But as of now, the game is not available on PC.

Why is last of us so famous?

The Last of Us is regarded as one of the most well-known video games because of its captivating narrative, recognisable characters, and challenging gameplay. Players connected with the game’s post-apocalyptic environment and themes of survival, loss, and the human condition, and the voice acting and photography received high marks. The game is regarded as one of the top games of all time and has won countless awards and honours.

How many episodes of The Last of Us are there on HBOQ

9 episodes of The Last of Us are there

How can I watch Last of Us in India?

Originally, The Last of Us streamed on HBO Max, but will be possible to be available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Is last of us free to play?

No, The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II are not free to play. Both games are paid titles and need to be purchased to be played. They are available for purchase on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. Additionally, The Last of Us Part II was launched as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive and it’s not available on other platforms. It’s important to note that there are some free-to-play games which may have similar gameplay and themes, but they are not the same as The Last of Us series.

Can I watch US Netflix in India?

not, The Last of Us stream on HBO max, it will come on Disney+ Hotstar.

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