The last of us review – HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ stands out best video game adaptation, The Last of Us 2023

The last of us review The Clickers, Bloaters, or any other monsters from the venerable Sony PlayStation game The Last of Us that the HBO television series is based on aren’t the scariest thing in The Last of Us, according to writer Craig Mazin. It occurs when a lone scientist realizes that a fungus-caused brain infection will turn most of humanity into bloodthirsty cannibals. This scene only appears in a flashback that was specifically made for the show; neither the 2013 game nor its 2020 sequel contained it.

The last of us review

The same query usually arises when a video game is transposed into a film or television program: how can you adapt a video game into a new medium? Of course, one of the main reasons this is an often-asked question is the dearth of good video game adaptations, despite the fact that they appear to be getting better every.

last of us Series review – Last of us Episode 1 review

It becomes evident within the first minute of HBO’s The Last of Us that this series won’t be a simple 1-1 copy of the adored computer game. In a talk show scenario more akin in tone to anything out of showrunner Craig Mazin’s Chornobyl, it lays up the history behind the creation of the virus that will serve as the spark for everything else to come in the program’s chilling opening. It provides context for the pandemic that is all too relatable for novices and feeds viewers who are already familiar with the game. It’s a theme that runs throughout the first episode of the new season, which serves as a brilliantly fresh way to enter the world of The Last of Us.

The last of us review

The first episode of the series accomplishes two important goals: it creates the universe in which the remaining eight episodes will take place and introduces Joel as the nuanced character that he is. His daughter Sarah, who is charmingly portrayed by Nico Parker when we first meet him in Texas 20 years before the major events, is the center of his universe.

Before we are abruptly pulled apart later in the show, Sarah’s story gives us glimpses of life before the impending pandemic as viewed through her inquisitive teenage eyes. This gives us a greater connection with Sarah. These opening sequences are wonderful at introducing us to a once-familiar world as well as the important paternal relationship between Joel and Sarah, who both contextualize important information in a powerfully emotional way.

We get some of our first looks at sequences from the game that have been given new life as night falls and chaos breaks out. It’s interesting to note that one of the first of them closely resembles how the in-game camera is set up as Sarah and we watch the chaos take place from the backseat of a truck.

It’s a sweet compliment and a wise one that solidifies Sarah’s role as the viewer’s proxy, just as she previously served as the player’s. The scene also provides insight into Joel’s complicated psychology as Pedro Pascal deftly exhibits both his compassionate and cunning sides. His refusal to assist a family in need on the side of the road demonstrates his willingness to do everything it takes to protect those he loves, even if it means leaving others to fend for themselves.

The last of us review

Walking gives us a better understanding of the menace that now permeates the streets as fires blaze, cars explode, and the infected give birth. Early infected people move tentatively in their new bodies but determinedly as they spill over the room. They resemble children learning to run.

They are neither doing a great job of it, as the purposefully hectic action indicates, as the world is learning to exist with them as abruptly as they are learning to exist in it. Naturally, everything culminates in the event that will define Joel’s life moving forward: the passing of his daughter. Whether you’ve seen it once or twelve times, it’s still abrupt and surprising. Pascal’s terrible sobbing and the recently spent, firmly innocent moments with Sarah just serve to make it more heartbreaking.

Over the duration of 80 minutes, the episode covers a lot, doing it effectively for the most part, albeit with some slightly hurried introductions to persons and language that barely give the audience a chance to catch their breath. Rapid-fire explanations of ideas like the outbreak, quarantine areas, the Fireflies, and the situation of the world as a whole are given.

The last of us review

The pacey beginning of the episode occasionally makes it seem as determined to flee the QZ as Joel, which may leave the inexperienced a little bewildered. Ellie and Joel’s first moments alone together are luckily allowed some room. It offers a fascinating glimpse into their relationship, which is characterized by tension, a lack of trust, and a playful edge as Ellie deciphers Joel’s radio code.

We’re finally given a chance to catch our breath as Joel, Ellie, and Tess set forth into the unknown together. They might not be aware of all the surprises in store for them, but The Last of Us’s opening episode does a terrific job of preparing us for the emotional rollercoaster that lies ahead. Similar to the lightning that flashes across the night sky above, illuminating their path ahead, it brightly sends up sparks of welcome brightness among the seeming irrepressible gloom.

Is Last of Us available on PC?

The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II are not currently available on PC, but both games are available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. There have been no official announcements from Naughty Dog or Sony Interactive Entertainment about the release of The Last of Us or The Last of Us Part II on PC. However, some rumors and speculations have been circulating about the possibility of a PC release in the future. But as of now, the game is not available on PC.

Why is last of us so famous?

The Last of Us is regarded as one of the most well-known video games because of its captivating narrative, recognisable characters, and challenging gameplay. Players connected with the game’s post-apocalyptic environment and themes of survival, loss, and the human condition, and the voice acting and photography received high marks. The game is regarded as one of the top games of all time and has won countless awards and honours.

How many episodes of The Last of Us are there on HBOQ

9 episodes of The Last of Us are there

How can I watch Last of Us in India?

Originally, The Last of Us streamed on HBO Max, but will be possible to be available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Is last of us free to play?

No, The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II are not free to play. Both games are paid titles and need to be purchased to be played. They are available for purchase on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. Additionally, The Last of Us Part II was launched as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive and it’s not available on other platforms. It’s important to note that there are some free-to-play games which may have similar gameplay and themes, but they are not the same as The Last of Us series.

Can I watch US Netflix in India?

not, The Last of Us stream on HBO max, it will come on Disney+ Hotstar.

New episodes of The Last of Us air every Sunday on HBO, starting January 15. | Film Library

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