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Welcome to our Thunivu Movie Review, where we’ll be sharing our thoughts on this highly-anticipated film. With its impressive cast and thought-provoking themes, Thunivu has been generating a lot of buzz in the industry.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a thorough review of the movie and give you an in-depth look at what makes it stand out. So if you’re interested in reading a comprehensive Thunivu Movie Review, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about this must-see film.

Fans are anticipating this movie, which will be released on November 11th, with successive surprises. Songs and posters for this film have already been released, scaring many people. It was all eaten up by the trailer for Thunivu.


There were many reports that Ajith was going to play a negative role in the film when it started. It is for this reason that Ajith fans eagerly awaited the film. It was well received when Ajith acted as an anti-hero in Mangatha.

Thunivu movie review

Thunivu reviews have not yet been released. We will update this space when the review of the Ajith-starrer is released

Ajith Kumar and Manju Warrier star in Thunivu. The film is directed by H Vinoth. Samuthirakani, John Kokken, Veera, and Bagavathi Perumal will also appear in the movie. Among others, Nayana Sai plays an important role.

No complaints are necessary from die-hard supporters. Ajith is in great shape and looks amazing as he fires those bullets with confidence and style. As his companion in crime, Manju Warrier also performs admirably. However, the director is not very happy with the notion of a mindless robbery thriller since he wants to make yet another social point about corruption and the gaps in the system. Result? A mix of vigilantism and retaliation that required more style than instruction. It’s time for some Robin Hoots after all these Robin Hoods.

A gang devises a complex scheme to rob one of Chennai’s largest banks as the movie opens. The bank has more money stashed than is permitted (1000 crore), thus the goal is to steal 500 crores of it. Everything goes according to plan, and the gang is successful in capturing the bank and a sizable number of hostages. Trouble arises, though, as one man makes the decision to fight back and seizes control of the bank from the gang. It turns out the actor, who plays an unnamed character, is Ajith.

The gang gains Ajith’s trust, and he makes them do his bidding. He guarantees each of them a share of the 5000 crores in bank funds he intends to steal. Ajith is putting his plan into action while Manju Warrier, one of his two team members, is silently working on the outside. The rest of the narrative focuses on Ajith’s activities inside the bank and whether or not he genuinely intends to rob it.

Thunivu is quite enjoyable as long as it unfolds like a heist movie, and a lot of the credit for that goes to Ajith, who uses his charisma on the screen to make his anti-hero character so endearing. The movie, however, is more than just a robbery movie because it also has a side plot that makes social commentary on a current subject. Even while it makes an effort to draw attention to the problem, it also raises important issues regarding the general public’s irresponsibility. Fortunately, it avoids becoming overly preachy in its message. Thunivu maintains loyal to its genre of heist action, with the exception of the detour it makes in the second half to make its point. It features some cool, perhaps extravagant action sequences that largely succeed. But what makes this one of Ajith’s funniest performances since Mankatha is the character, who exudes attitude from the start (2011).

H Vinoth has been able to offer something new to Ajith’s performance with each partnership. He has no qualms about casting Ajith as a mastermind criminal without morals in Thunivu. Manju Warrier also receives a role that she enjoys tremendously. Even though the action feels lackluster toward the film’s conclusion, there are still enough engaging moments for viewers to remain engaged. Ghibran’s songs and background music perfectly complemented the movie’s tone.

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