Kaiju-tastic trailer drops for new Godzilla film 


In an epic trailer for a fan film debuting in Tokyo this November, the King of Monsters battles an evolved form of Gigan.

An upcoming Godzilla fan film features a new version of Gigan, the kaiju's classic antagonist.

In Godzilla Vs. Kong 2, here are 5 Kaiju we might see

The Destroyah The presence of Destoroyah in the Godzilla franchise is unique. Even though it's one of the most beloved and well-known monsters in the series, it has only appeared in one movie.

Megalon Having the personality of a trouble-making bruiser rather than a vengeful god, he doesn't seem all that bright.

Gigan Despite being one of King of the Monsters' more prominent foes, he always seems to play second fiddle to another monster.

Anguirus As Godzilla's first-ever kaiju rival, Anguirus holds a special place in the franchise. The skeleton of Anguirus can be seen in one shot of King of the Monsters, but it has never been officially confirmed.

The biollante In spite of her massive destructive power, Biollante isn't malevolent like her fellow female kaiju Mothra.

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