A Short Review of Sandman


The sandman review: DC Comics editor Karen Berger contacted Neil in 1987 about The Sandman, part of the DC universe.

The Sandman is one of the forgotten DC characters she asked him to revive and make his own. A revival of The Sandman Universe comics was overseen by Neil Gaiman in 2018.

A mortal captures Lord Morpheus and keeps him in a cage for over 100 years in the first 10 minutes of episode one. The Corinthian, one of the rogue nightmares, is shown to be against his lord and his philosophies, so he aids the mortals in capturing Morpheus.

Next, Morpheus escapes from the mortals and seeks out his stolen power tools that humans have distributed throughout the world. The actors cast for their respective roles did an excellent job of bringing their characters to life. The role of Dream, also known as Morpheus, is played by Tom Sturridge.

By the end of season 1, you would have experienced multiple things in the life of Dream. 

Moreover, you will see other gods such as the God of Death, god of Hell, God of Desire, God of Despair and more. 

Another impressive character arc is of Corinthian, played by Boyd Holbrook. There's no one else who could have played the role of Corinthian better than Holbrook.

An hour-long episode based on Neil Gaiman's universe. The visual effects and cinematography are excellent, and Season 2 is hinted at at the end of episode 10. Lucifer Morningstar, the king of Hell, and Morpheus are most likely to fight in Season 2.